Giving Solace Childrens Hospital

Giving Solace to Children’s Hospital

For the month of June 2018, Solace Pediatric Home Healthcare had additional motivation to complete as many therapy visits as possible as we pledged to donate $1.00 for every therapy visit completed during the month to support the Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation (link here). In concert with one of our strongest cultural beliefs, “better together,” our Patient Access, Patient Financial

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Baby Apps and Tools

Being a new parent is the most rewarding role a person can take on in their lifetime. But with every new job there is always a learning curve. There is no instruction manual on how exactly to be a parent, with every person taking on a different style with different techniques while figuring out what works best for them. Of

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Babys First Food

For the first five or six months of life, babies get all their calories, nutrients, and water from breast milk or formula. At around age six months, they can begin transitioning to solid foods (learn more about transitioning from the bottle). Doctors recommend that parents not begin feeding their infants solids before this age for a number of reasons. First,

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Speech Tips

Whether or not your child has been diagnosed with any speech challenges, there are many tips and tricks for speech therapy at home that you can do to help build your child’s communication skills, especially as a toddler. Working with your children along with using a speech therapist will help build their confidence and yours. Things to Consider for Speech

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