Learn the Signs of Cognitive Developmental Delays in Your Child

Cognitive delays may affect a child’s intellectual functioning, interfering with awareness and causing learning difficulties that often become apparent after a child begins school. Children with cognitive delays may also have difficulty communicating and playing with others. Many delays aren’t serious, and most kids can catch up, especially when they get early treatment. The key is to get your child

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Is Speech Therapy Right For My Child?

When babies first come into the world they are often an enigma for their parents because their only means of communicating their wants and needs is to cry, and finally as they get a bit older and first learn to communicate in more advanced methods, it opens their world in new and important ways. Communication is vital to not only

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Finding the Best Therapist for In-Home Therapy for Your Child

Does My Child Need Early Intervention?

Early intervention assists children as they work toward meeting their developmental milestones. Developmental milestones are a variety of motor, speech, emotional, social and cognitive skills that children grow into during the first three to five years of life. In some children these milestones are delayed, developing more slowly than is typical for their age group. Signs that indicate possible delayed

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