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Family Caregiver Services

State-funded program helps family members become paid caregivers At Solace Pediatric Healthcare, we believe no one makes a better caregiver than...
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Jada Takes First Independent Steps and Stair Negotiation 

After Jada’s first birthday and healthcare check-up, her pediatrician observed that Jada was still not walking and was referred to Solace...
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Solace Pediatric Healthcare Partners With Merge Electric Fleet Solutions

Solace Pediatric Healthcare is proud to partner with Merge Electric Fleet Solutions on a six-month pilot program. Four clinicians at Solace...
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Talent Acquisition Team Meets 30+ Graduates From Arizona College of Nursing

Our Talent Acquisition team in Las Vegas had an opportunity to meet 30+ graduates from Arizona College of Nursing (located in...
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Community Outreach Event | Littleton, CO

Several of our clinicians held a community outreach event on April 9 at Robert Clement Park in Littleton. “Spring Fling” included...
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Would My Child Benefit From Occupational Therapy?

As our children grow and develop, we always want the best for them, to watch them thrive and make their way...
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