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The Best Pediatric Telehealth Therapy For Your Child

Solace Pediatric Healthcare is the leading provider of pediatric nursing, family caregiver, occupational, physical, speech and feeding therapy services. Since 2005, our clinicians have provided pediatric occupational therapy to children from birth to 21 years of age.

Our mission is to support you and your family in providing professional clinical evaluations, treatment options, resources and information so you feel empowered to make the best decision for your child and family. An ACHC-accredited company, we continuously demonstrate our commitment to quality, positive patient outcomes and safety.

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Our pediatric telehealth clinicians specialize in virtual sessions and provide the same level of outstanding outcomes our children and families receive from our in-home sessions. Pediatric telehealth therapy removes the barriers of remote locations, weather, compromised immunities and challenging family schedules hindering many children from receiving individualized one-on-one care.

Our occupational, physical, speech, behavior and feeding therapists utilize interactive, age-appropriate activities to engage your child to achieve goals in a child-friendly experience in their natural environment. Parents and caregivers appreciate the opportunity of involvement and observation to learn and incorporate activities and strategies. Our therapists provide you with tips, guidance and resources to continue to develop skills in everyday activities and play.

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Benefits of Pediatric Telehealth Physical Therapy

Life is busy with children and work, and carving out time for appointments can be difficult. Weather and sickness can get in the way of regular therapy. When you receive telehealth physical therapy (or occupational, speech, or feeding therapy) at Solace Pediatric Healthcare, you can schedule an appointment without leaving your home. Parents can take a leading role in working with their children and assist them in reaching their goals. The opportunity to receive telehealth therapy without having to drive to a service area or office also saves time and allows for children to receive more regular therapy and reach their goals faster.

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Our user-friendly, HIPAA-compliant platform makes it easy for your child to have a comprehensive evaluation, followed by a meeting with the therapist to determine the best plan for your child and family. If pediatric telehealth sessions are selected, your child will begin on-line therapy services quickly. We partner with physicians, schools, clinics, hospitals and parents/caregivers to ensure we are creating the best plan to meet the individual therapy needs of each child. We have therapists providing occupational, physical, speech, language and feeding telehealth sessions to children of all ages.

Pediatric Telehealth Occupational Therapy

Our pediatric occupational telehealth therapists (OTs/OTRs) specialize in developing skills needed to achieve independence in all of life’s functions, including behavior modifications and much more.

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Our pediatric physical telehealth therapists (PTs) specialize in moving and function, rehabilitation, early intervention, neurological disorders and much more.

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Our pediatric speech teletherapy therapists (SLPs) specialize in developing skills needed in verbal and non-verbal communication, feeding, swallowing, AAC, early intervention and much more

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Pediatric Telehealth Careers

Are you looking for a pediatric telehealth job with Solace Pediatric Healthcare? Working with children to reach their goals is extremely rewarding. We are a clinician-owned organization committed to providing collaborative and compassionate care to our patients, and dedicated to helping children and families live their best lives. Learn more about pediatric careers in your area today!
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At Solace, we’ve instilled a culture built on trust, communication, teamwork and accountability.

Interested in Telehealth Therapy For Your Child?

If you or your child’s school or pediatrician have concerns, the first step is to schedule a comprehensive evaluation with a pediatric therapist.  At the evaluation, our therapists will conduct the evaluation and thoroughly discuss with you results, recommendations and options. If therapy is recommended, your therapist will create individualized goals and ongoing treatment plans for your child.

If you would like to schedule today, you can either contact us via phone, or refer your child online and we will contact you. You may also reach out to us with questions by contacting us.

We offer comprehensive pediatric occupational therapy services in the following locations.

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Our mission is to provide pediatric healthcare services to help children and families live their best lives.