Solace Celebrations: Jack is Jumping His Obstacles with Enthusiasm

Every other week, we highlight one of the many special kids we get to work with in therapy! Last time, we discussed the accelerated responsiveness Sebastian had to his speech therapy once his therapist tapped into his love for pictures, in particular pictures of cars! We are very encouraged by the progress Sebastian has made throughout his work with both

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Solace Celebration: Melia's Progress on Physical Therapy and Speech/Feeding Therapy Goals

Solace Celebration: Melia’s Progress on Physical Therapy and Speech/Feeding Therapy Goals

Every other week, we highlight one of the incredible kids we work with: We celebrate their wins and feature their progress. We looked at Katianna smashing her speech and language therapy goals. This week, we’re focusing on Melia and the progress she’s made in such a short time in her physical therapy and speech-language therapy! Melia’s Progress in Physical Therapy

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Jayla's Physical and Occupational Theray - Solace Celebrations

Solace Celebrations: Jayla’s Physical and Occupational Therapy

A couple of weeks ago, we took the time to celebrate the accomplishments of Supreme who has made fantastic progress with his ankle-foot Orthosis! This week, we want to put the spotlight on Jayla who has been making incredible strides with pediatric occupational therapy and physical therapy through telemedicine. Jayla’s Advancements with Physical and Occupational Therapy This week’s celebration post

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Causes of weak core muscles in toddlers

Causes of Weak Core Muscles in Toddlers: Core Strength Activities for Toddlers

It’s difficult to balance, perform coordinated movements on both sides of the body, sit up straight in a chair, hold a pencil, control scissors, or jump if you don’t have a strong core. We know that decreased core strength commonly contributes to other issues like W-Sitting and delayed motor skill development. The causes of weak core muscles in toddlers are

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