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Jada Takes First Independent Steps and Stair Negotiation 

After Jada’s first birthday and healthcare check-up, her pediatrician observed that Jada was still not walking and was referred to Solace...
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Alfonso Displaying Amazing Progress in Occupational, Speech Therapy Sessions

At two-years-old, Alfonso would often scream, cry and use jargon to communicate. He often ran away from non-preferred activities and rarely...
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Dylan is Progressing Extremely Well With Robust AAC System

Two-year-old diagnosed with autism and a severe speech delay has expanded his vocabulary to 50+ words Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)...
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Alice Excels in Treatment Sessions, Displays Improvement Every Day

A perinatal stroke occurs anytime between the middle of pregnancy—around 22 weeks— and the first month of a newborn’s life. This...
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Elise Making Great Progress in Multiple Therapy Sessions

Eleven-year-old Elise M. was born with Polymicrogyria (PMG), a condition characterized by abnormal development of the brain before birth. Typically, the...
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Local Mom Learns the Importance of Early Intervention

The prevalence of a speech and language developmental delay in children is between 2%-19% When seven-year-old Bennett Cooper was two-years-old, his...
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