Solace Celebration: Congratulations on Arielle’s Expanding Vocabulary!

Twice a month, we highlight one of the incredible children we work with. In the last post, we looked at Andrew’s amazing progress in working with his occupational therapists to follow directions. This week, we’re going to highlight a wonderful girl as she expands her vocabulary with one of our therapists. Expanding Vocabulary through Speech Therapy Arielle is expanding her

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Solace Celebration: Andrew's Occupational Therapy

Solace Celebration: Andrew’s Incredible Progress in Occupational Therapy

A few times a month we are taking the opportunity to showcase the milestones and triumphs accomplished by the amazing kids we work with. Previously, we showed how Melia has been learning to crawl and eat with the help of speech and feeding therapy, and this week we want to highlight Andrew who has been meeting his milestones with the

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Harrison: Making Strides in Telehealth Occupational Therapy

Twice a month, we publish a post featuring the victories and progress of our amazing kids! Celebrating milestones and cheering on growth is fun and encouraging. Last week we featured Josh, who is making strides in his Physical Therapy. Today, we want to introduce you to Harrison! Harrison: Making Strides in Telehealth Pediatric Occupational Therapy Harrison enjoys playing with his

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