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Annabelle’s Expressive Language Disorder Improving With Telehealth Therapy

From the moment of birth, children begin to learn and express themselves through language. As they grow, their capacity to communicate...
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Solace Celebrations | Skyler’s Independence Soars with Telehealth Speech Therapy

It is our pleasure to work with determined and motivated kids that have the enthusiasm and support to push through challenges,...
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Solace Celebrations | Samuel is Crushing his Telehealth Speech Therapy Goals

On a daily basis, we get the opportunity to work with the most amazing kids to help them rise above challenges,...
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Alfonso Displaying Amazing Progress in Occupational, Speech Therapy Sessions

At two-years-old, Alfonso would often scream, cry and use jargon to communicate. He often ran away from non-preferred activities and rarely...
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Dylan is Progressing Extremely Well With Robust AAC System

Two-year-old diagnosed with autism and a severe speech delay has expanded his vocabulary to 50+ words Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)...
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Solace Celebrations | Angeline Improves Her Eating & Communication Skills During Meals

Every day our therapists get the opportunity to work with some of the most amazing kids and help them develop to...
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