Finding the Best Therapist for In-Home Therapy for Your Child

In-Home Therapy for Your Child: Finding the Best Therapist

The Process of Working with a Therapist for In-Home Therapy For something as important as finding a home therapist for your family, you want to know the basics about how to make this decision. It may seem overwhelming at the beginning, but once you take the initial step of discussing your concerns with your child’s pediatrician or family doctor, the

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The Benefits Of Pediatric In Home Care Therapy

The Benefits of Pediatric In-Home Care Therapy

There are many options when it comes to healthcare for your child. In addition to in-office visits, home healthcare is also available and offers quite a few benefits for you and your family. From providing therapy in comfortable surroundings to saving time, here are some reasons why pediatric in home health care may be the best way to go. Staying

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The Move From a Crib To a Big Kid’s Bed

A major milestone that stands between the exit of infancy and the entrance to childhood is the move from a crib to a big kid’s bed.  If your toddler seems perfectly content with the crib and there have been no escape attempts, it’s to everyone’s advantage to maintain the status quo. Your toddler will be in a safe, comfortable sleep

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Baby Bathtime

Though that first bath with your tiny, wriggly newborn may seem a little tricky at first (babies can sure be slippery when wet), once you both get your sea legs, bath time can become a great way to bond. For a baby, the simple act of bathing is a big sensory experience. Add a song and some silly (or soothing)

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