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The Top Skills Required for Success as a Pediatric Speech Language Pathologist

Having the right skills and qualities to succeed as a pediatric speech language pathologist is essential for maintaining quality of care....
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Late Talkers: To Intervene or Not to Intervene

For parents who are concerned that their toddlers are “late talkers” and are struggling with speech or language, it’s natural to...
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Solace Celebrations | Skyler’s Independence Soars with Telehealth Speech Therapy

It is our pleasure to work with determined and motivated kids that have the enthusiasm and support to push through challenges,...
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Solace Celebrations | Samuel is Crushing his Telehealth Speech Therapy Goals

On a daily basis, we get the opportunity to work with the most amazing kids to help them rise above challenges,...
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Speech Impediments in Children | Rhotacism and Therapy

It is estimated that up to 700,000 students within the American public school system are characterized as having a language or...
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Language-Based Learning Disorders and How Speech Therapy Can Help

Language is the way that we connect with others, describe our situation, needs, and wants, and how we perceive the world...
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