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Solace Celebrations | Samuel is Crushing his Telehealth Speech Therapy Goals

On a daily basis, we get the opportunity to work with the most amazing kids to help them rise above challenges, learn new skills, and gain the confidence to become their most authentic selves. We get to witness the incredible progress they make which is why we love to share their stories and celebrate their successes! Last time, you met Jaden who is doing amazing work improving his writing skills and this time, we would like to introduce you to Samuel who is smashing his goals in speech therapy!

Samuel is making great progress working with his speech therapist Tatiana! Since beginning speech and language services, Samuel has already met multiple goals through telehealth! During this particular session, he wanted to go outside and show off some of his cool toys. He met one of his speech goals by saying the “b” sound correctly! It was an exciting moment and mom was cheering him on!

The importance of building confidence with speech therapy

When children of speaking age come across challenges, it can hinder confidence and set the stage for further speech complications and inhibitions as well. It is not uncommon for kids who have difficulty with speech to become more reserved and less willing to speak or communicate in front of family or peers in social settings. For this reason, speech therapy is tasked to both address any speech problems as well as lifting the child’s confidence. Often speech-language pathologists will take on the role of both teacher and cheerleader during sessions so that the child can gain confidence through positive affirmation and an understanding that while they work things out, they are in a place of non-judgment. This helps children take the skills they gain in sessions and use them more freely in everyday life, which in turn, leads to more active exposure and repetition that boosts their courage to keep speaking and building those skills no matter the situation.

How a home learning environment encourages growth in a safe and comfortable space.

In addition to feeling safe with a therapist, the setting can also play a huge role in how open and willing a child may be to learn and absorb new skills. Clinical settings can often feel too cold and unfamiliar for a child to let their guard down, which can lead to lost time or diminished effectiveness of treatment. This is why at Solace, we believe in home-based therapy because it takes away the disconnect of a new environment and lets your child thrive in the place where they are most comfortable. By doing therapy at home, they don’t have to disrupt their day to get readjusted and have the added benefit of having family being right there to cheer them on! If you believe home-based speech therapy could be helpful for your child, please feel free to contact us to learn more information!   

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