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Local Mom Enjoying Benefits of Family CNA Program for Her Three Children

July 10, 2023
Mike Ralston

At Solace Pediatric Healthcare, we believe no one makes a better caregiver than a loved one, which is a big reason why the Family Caregiver Services program was implemented in the Colorado market last year. 

Our FREE home care assistance programs in Colorado allow family members (caregivers) the opportunity to earn an income for the care they provide in the home. Both programs, Family CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) and In-Home Support Services (IHSS), generate employment for the caregiver while also providing the patient with the highest quality care.

“We heard about the Solace family caregiver program through one of our speech therapists, as well as Clara, our awesome COTA who provides OT services. They thought this program would be a good fit and very beneficial for all of the boys,” said JoVonn, mother of Kaius, Luciano and Sinatra.

“It’s a good feeling as a therapist knowing that a caregiver who would otherwise be unable to work outside the home is able to provide more focus on meeting their child’s needs without the added financial stress that it can cause,” adds Clara.

Kaius just turned eight-years-old and was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), delayed development and sensory processing disorder. He is currently receiving OT, speech and ABA therapy. 

“He went from being unable to go to group gatherings, stores and restaurants and non-verbal communication until he was four-years-old,” said JoVonn. 

Six-year-old Luciano (AKA Lucky) was diagnosed with ASD, ADHD and SPD at four years of age. He is currently receiving OT, PT, speech and ABA therapy. 

“It took us longer to get Lucky diagnosed because we thought a lot of the behaviors were learned until we had them in separate environments and realized he was struggling,” adds JoVonn.

At 18 months, Sinatra was diagnosed with ASD and SPD. He is currently receiving OT, PT, speech and ABA therapy full-time. 

Collaborative Care Environment

JoVonn has been a Family CNA at Solace Pediatric Healthcare for nearly a year. The type of care she provides her children through the program is daily life skills and home exercises provided through her therapists. An important skill that JoVonn is currently working on with all three boys is safety and understanding of safety around others, as well as body awareness and movements.

“The training experience I’ve received through this program has been great. It was self-paced and really easy to understand and very hands on. Everything I’ve learned and continue to learn has been beneficial in helping with my children and their daily lives,” said JoVonn.

“The Family CNA program is worth all the studying and multitasking you take on in the beginning . It’s a wonderful thing knowing there are programs like this to help people and families like mine that are already providing care for children who are unable to do it themselves and require special daily needs,” adds JoVonn.

Celebrating Accomplishments

Kaius, Lucky and Sinatra are all succeeding in reaching their developmental milestones. 

“JoVonn has been incredible at implementing all the strategies provided. As a direct result, all the boys are making great progress,” added Clara.

Kaius is talking and he is a lot more adaptable to all his transitions wherever he is, and he loves making friends and learning new things. Luciano is doing very well and he is hoping to accomplish the goal of potty training. Sinatra is starting to speak really well and working on safe behaviors, as well as being more steady on his feet.

“Solace is a great company. They have made this experience truly wonderful and I’m so thankful for everyone on our team that has helped in any way.”

“I would completely recommend this program to anyone going through similar situations with their kids or family,” adds JoVonn.

Interested in Becoming a Family CNA?

If you’re interested in learning more about the Family CNA program, reach out to us to determine if you are eligible to participate in one of these impactful home health aide/home care assistance programs, receive weekly competitive compensation, and a multitude of benefits. We’re here to guide and offer support through this process every step of the way!

  • STEP 1:   Call us at 303.432.8487, Ext. 6, or visit our website to complete a brief assessment form.
  • STEP 2:   Solace will send a Registered Nurse to your home to determine qualification.
  • STEP 3:   If eligible, Solace will enroll you in a CNA course, FREE of charge.
  • STEP 4:   Complete school, a brief orientation, and you are officially an employee of Solace.
  • STEP 5:   Employees will be paid weekly for their care and receive a multitude of benefits.

Solace Pediatric Healthcare is proud to be a part of the Care Options for Kids Community, the leading provider of pediatric nursing, family caregiver, occupational, physical, speech, and feeding therapy services. Since 2005, our clinicians have provided pediatric care to children from birth to 21 years of age. At Care Options for Kids, we’ve instilled a culture built on trust, communication, teamwork, and accountability.

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