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Solace Celebrations | Fletcher Masters His Activities of Daily Living

Celebrating the victories of the incredible kids that we work with is a huge part of the joy we receive providing...
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Clinicians Host “Kick-Off to School Year” Event

Team Epic and Team Arvada collaborated together to bring a fun afternoon for families with a “Kick Off to School Year”...
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Occupational Therapist Realized Her Passion for Helping Others as a Teenager

Growing up in Cortlandt Manor, NY, Allison realized her passion for occupational therapy at a young age. As a 7th grade...
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Solace Pediatric Healthcare Partners With The Hello Foundation

Solace continues mission of helping children and families live their best lives. Solace Pediatric Healthcare is excited to add school-based services...
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Anxiety In Children | Helping Comfort Kids

Experiencing anxiety is a normal part of life and at times can even be helpful. However, for many people, when those...
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Solace Celebrations | Co-Treatment Gets Luke the Best Out of His Physical & Occupational Therapy

We have the privilege of working with some of the most amazing and determined kids on a daily basis. These children...
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