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Picky Eating In Children | Is It Normal and What To Do

Picky eating amongst children is a tale as old as time. It’s no secret that children usually prefer things like fish...
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Hypotonia | Low Muscle Tone in Children

What is Hypotonia? The word “hypotonia” comes from a combination of Greek words: “hypo” meaning low or under + “tone” meaning...
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Alfonso muestra un progreso asombroso en las sesiones de terapia ocupacional y del habla

A los dos años, Alfonso a menudo gritaba, lloraba y usaba la jerga para comunicarse. A menudo se escapaba de las...
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Elise logra un gran progreso en múltiples sesiones de terapia

Elise M., de once años, nació con polimicrogiria (PMG), una afección caracterizada por un desarrollo anormal del cerebro antes del nacimiento....
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Solace Celebrations | Fletcher Masters His Activities of Daily Living

Celebrating the victories of the incredible kids that we work with is a huge part of the joy we receive providing...
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Clinicians Host “Kick-Off to School Year” Event

Team Epic and Team Arvada collaborated together to bring a fun afternoon for families with a “Kick Off to School Year”...
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