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Solace Celebrations | Fletcher Masters His Activities of Daily Living

Celebrating the victories of the incredible kids that we work with is a huge part of the joy we receive providing therapy at Solace Pediatric Healthcare. Last time we introduced you to Luke who was making great progress in both his speech and physical therapy, way to go Luke! This week we want to feature Fletcher who has been working with both his therapist and his mother at the same time.

Fletcher loves playing with his siblings, playing outdoors, and just about anything superhero related. He has been working hard with his COTA Anisha and his mom toward his ADL, fine/visual motor and sensory processing goals. Fletcher has made great progress over the past few weeks towards his oral seeking goal. He has been utilizing his chew device with 100% success demonstrating improved self-regulation skills. We are so proud of Fletcher!

Practicing activities of daily living makes a difference

There are a lot of different outcomes that children benefit from when they are supported by pediatric occupational therapy. We mentioned that Fletcher was making progress toward his activities of daily living goals and that is a foundation for success as a child’s therapy progresses. For a child of Fletcher’s age (3-5) this could include tasks around using the toilet, taking shoes and socks on and off, getting dressed without assistance, using utensils when eating, drinking from an open cup, cleaning up toys with help from mom, brushing teeth with help from a family member, and even more activities similar to these.

Getting used to performing some of these tasks that are part of everyday life help to build much needed confidence as well as mental/physical independence that ultimately opens doors for a child to learn even more complicated activities that include doing many daily activities and more without assistance.

Children win when parents and therapists collaborate in occupational therapy

For families with children experiencing delayed development, Occupational Therapy can be a huge support that teaches and encourages working together as a team. This strengthens both the confidence of the child and their family so that accomplishing activities can become relaxing and comforting instead of stressful and discouraging. At Solace Pediatric Healthcare, our occupational therapists are very thoughtful about how they instruct families to collaborate with therapy, the delayed child, and one another, to reach the best outcome for the family unit.

It is a reality that each child and family brings their own unique situation to the drawing board just like Fletcher’s family has, and the professional team of experts at Solace Pediatric Healthcare knows exactly how to evaluate and build a plan for any type of pediatric occupational therapy need. We would love to hear from you and discuss your specific situation today so we can get started on providing the support your family may need. Call or email us today!

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