Selah'as Progress with Speech Therapy: Solace Celebration

Solace Celebrations: Selah’s Progress in Speech Therapy

Every other week we publish a celebration post featuring the achievements our kids are making! We love being able to celebrate each of them: The hard work they put in, and the steps they are making toward their goals. This week, we’re celebrating Selah and her progress with her speech language therapist. Selah Incredible Progress in Her Speech Therapy Selah

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Jayla's Physical and Occupational Theray - Solace Celebrations

Solace Celebrations: Jayla’s Physical and Occupational Therapy

A couple of weeks ago, we took the time to celebrate the accomplishments of Supreme who has made fantastic progress with his ankle-foot Orthosis! This week, we want to put the spotlight on Jayla who has been making incredible strides with pediatric occupational therapy and physical therapy through telemedicine. Jayla’s Advancements with Physical and Occupational Therapy This week’s celebration post

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Supreme's Physial Therapy Progress

Solace Celebrations: Supreme’s Progress with his Physical Therapy

We are launching a new series: Solace Celebrations. Every other week we will share a celebration of the progress of one of the kids we work with! Each and every step is a reason to celebrate. Our goal is to help each child reach his or her best life, and with each milestone or goal reached, it’s a step closer!

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happy family

Back to School

Some children look forward look forward to the prospect of heading back to school after a long summer to see their friends. However, for some kids, this can be a source of anxiety, especially if it’s their first time going to school (here are some tips for avoiding after-school meltdowns). Here are several ways to prepare your little ones for

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