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Transitioning from the bottle

Most babies love their bottle. But there comes a time when your child needs to kick the habit. The idea of transitioning away from bottles can be emotional (and slightly terrifying) for you and your partner—it marks the end of babyhood in many ways. It can be an even harder transition for your little one. A few simple steps can

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Food Sensitivities

What to Avoid for Better Learning: Food Sensitivities in kids with ADHD and Learning Disabilities Kids with ADHD and children who have learning disabilities are notorious for also having certain food sensitivities. Meeting the nutritional needs of these children can be tricky; on one hand, it’s hard to avoid certain ingredients that seem to be present in everything (I’m looking

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Babys First Food

For the first five or six months of life, babies get all their calories, nutrients, and water from breast milk or formula. At around age six months, they can begin transitioning to solid foods (learn more about transitioning from the bottle). Doctors recommend that parents not begin feeding their infants solids before this age for a number of reasons. First,

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