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Solace Celebration: Melia's Progress on Physical Therapy and Speech/Feeding Therapy Goals

Solace Celebration: Melia’s Progress on Physical Therapy and Speech/Feeding Therapy Goals

September 24, 2020

Every other week, we highlight one of the incredible kids we work with: We celebrate their wins and feature their progress. We looked at Katianna smashing her speech and language therapy goals. This week, we’re focusing on Melia and the progress she’s made in such a short time in her physical therapy and speech-language therapy!

Melia’s Progress in Physical Therapy

Melia has made great progress working with her physical therapist Wendy Grant, PT. In the last month, she has learned to crawl on hands and knees and pull up to standing at furniture! The skin on her legs/feet has tolerated all of this new movement well!

Melia Reaching Her Goals in SLP and Feeding Therapy

Melia has made great progress working with SLP and Feeding Specialist, Jenni DiGiacinto CCC-SLP. Jenni, Melia, and her mom, Heather have been working on introducing foods to Melia with a direct focus on developing positive experiences with foods and eating (learn more about feeding therapy). Melia is primarily dependent on formula via the bottle. In just 4 weeks of feeding therapy, Melia took her very first bite of food (scrambled eggs) and her very first drink of water out of a sippy cup! The best part is that she did all of this with a smile on her face. Melia is on her way to developing the necessary oral motor skills to eat regular foods by mouth so that she may eventually rely less on the bottle!

Pediatric Therapy with Solace: Early Intervention Care at Home Makes All the Difference

Early intervention in-home pediatric therapy is extremely beneficial for kids. Giving children and parents the tools they need to progress with physical therapy or speech therapy goals is extremely helpful for growth and long-term improvement. With in-home therapy services (as well as Telehealth services), children are able to learn in their own environments, which leads to faster progress and growth. Our speech-language therapists and physical therapists come to your home on your schedule and work with you and your child. You’ll receive insight and tools to use in your daily lives that will help you reach goals so your child can live their best life.

Thank you for joining us in celebrating Melia’s incredible progress – and stay tuned for our next celebration post!x

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