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Texas Native Enjoying a Rewarding OT Career at Solace Pediatric Healthcare

September 25, 2023
Mike Ralston

Growing up in San Antonio, Texas, Bethanie Hernandez  was unable to recall a moment when she knew she wanted to become an occupational therapist (OT). She simply knew that she wanted to help create life experiences for others.

“Every summer as a kid I volunteered at the ARC, a day program for young adults with support needs. I loved it so much! That’s also where I met my first OT.”

While pursuing her undergraduate degree in Allied Health and Genetics at Texas A&M University, Bethanie worked at a local hospital as a rehabilitation technician in the Acute/Inpatient department. She was also introduced to the OT profession within the NICU department. 

“College really confirmed my passion to become an OT.  There are so many avenues in the OT field, and I am the type of person who needs variety.” 

After earning her Bachelor’s degree at Texas A&M University, she continued her education at the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences in Austin, earning her Occupational Therapy degree. Her research focus was applying the Self-Determined Career Design Model with young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and meaningful employment. 

Professional Growth, Cherished Relationships

Solace Pediatric Healthcare provides continuous opportunities for growth through leadership training programs, continuing education, mentoring and discipline-specific coaching.

As an OT at Solace Pediatric Healthcare, Bethanie treats kids of all ages. She also participates in the Feeding Mentorship and NICU Programs. 

“I have a love for working with toddlers and kiddos coming home from the NICU. It is such a vulnerable time in a family’s life and if we can help ease those fears, how amazing is that.”

“I do not have enough words to express how thankful I am to Sam (feeding mentor) and Janese (NICU mentor) for guiding me in expanding my knowledge. There’s always an opportunity to learn at Solace so to grow in the areas I love is amazing,” adds Hernandez.

A typical work day is always changing for Bethanie. In the mornings she treats kids Monday through Thursday (9am – 6pm)  at daycare, ABA, or private schools. Sometimes she treats toddlers and babies, but the majority of time is spent playing and working on executive functioning, play skills, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, visual motor skills, ADLs/IADLs, and feeding.

“There’s a lot to love about my job. Truly, I feel beyond lucky with the flexibility and kinds of kiddos I work with on a daily basis. Home health is such an intimate look into a family’s life and I love treating the underserved areas of Colorado.” 

“I have one kiddo whose mom loves to share new recipes with me. I appreciate that she makes me feel at home. I have another kiddo who is the youngest of four and I love hearing about his siblings’ favorite sports teams, school days and accomplishments,” adds Hernandez.

Solace Pediatric Healthcare prides itself in providing flexibility in work schedules so clinicians can achieve a great work-life balance. Bethanie’s supervisor, Anna, has helped her with setting boundaries with work-life balance. She is able to set her own hours, days, types of kids, and even has the opportunity to participate in specialty teams at Solace.

“You can really customize your career at Solace based on what you would like to do as a clinician. Plus, if there is an area of need not at Solace, there is support to help get that started,” adds Hernandez.

Bethanie’s proudest accomplishment is being an aunt to an insanely creative nephew (age 12) and vibrant niece (age 6). Her biggest inspiration is her older sister, Melanie. She introduced her to loving and appreciating children, and she is the type of person who appreciates everyone and everything and does not hesitate to help anyone. 

A self-proclaimed foodie, Bethanie loves to hike, walk and eat in order to prepare for meal experiences. She and her partner, Joey, have made it their mission to find Colorado’s best dumpling spots. If she’s not not eating, Bethanie is at home cooking or finding new recipes. She enjoys water coloring and camping on the weekends too.

Bethanie’s Advice for New Clinicians

  1. Be okay with not knowing everything because in reality you don’t. There is so much to learn and if you feel like you know or need to know everything you might miss a learning or growth opportunity.
  2. Try new areas of OT that you didn’t initially think you would go into. I really thought I would stay and work in inpatient adults, specifically in neuro. Here I am working for a pediatric home health company loving on kiddos and playing all day. TRY NEW THINGS!
  3. Think of your ‘why’ when going into OT. There’s a lot of moments where I question myself and my career, wondering if I chose the wrong profession. I remember why I chose this career and it is simply to help all people experience the life they want to live out. OT is such a holistic and unique career that it blows my mind how so many people do not know about it. We really do get to help people from all walks of life participate in things they love.

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