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Solace Celebrations | Investing in Isaiah’s Future with Speech and Language Therapy

Our last celebration focused on Xavian and Zaneida who are both thriving in their shared speech therapy sessions using multiple-step activities that were more complex, but helpful in building skills toward the siblings reaching their goals. We are continuing our hip hip hooray of kids crushing their speech therapy goals through our programs and therapists at Solace Pediatric by highlighting another speech and language therapy champion, Isaiah!

Literacy based language skills matter

In Isaiah’s sessions he has been working heavily on literacy-based language skills, such as reading comprehension. In this he has worked really hard on different reading strategies, so that he can feel more confident when answering comprehension questions. During his sessions, he has been able to utilize the strategy of going back in the text to find and also support his answers. We used the “screen share” option throughout our telehealth session, to allow him to pick out a passage that was interesting to him and that he would be motivated to engage in reading. Isaiah did amazing in these exercises, using different strategies to support his well thought out answers!

Speech Therapy is very effective through in-home telehealth sessions

Telehealth speech therapy, is a very effective and accessible way to make therapy available to your child. Providing a child like Isaiah, with the speech and language comprehension support that they need as they are developing those skills is a way that a family can invest in their child’s future. Solace Pediatric Healthcare has created an in-home and telehealth speech and language therapy offering that has been developed and tested over time, and can provide a wide range of benefits beyond the traditional office setting.  Our therapists find that allowing a child to be in their home while they are receiving therapy creates a calm and comfortable setting for them to participate in a therapy that is new, challenging, and can at times be a little stressful. Conducting this therapy in a comfortable and familiar place reduces the demand on distraction as well as on heightening anxiety. Most kids with developmental delays in their speech and language comprehension and expression benefit greatly with early intervention. Please contact Solace Pediatric Healthcare today to arrange for an evaluation or to talk about setting up services that will only support your child and their future endeavors. We look forward to hearing from you and to working together with you and your family.

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