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Learn the Signs of Cognitive Developmental Delays in Your Child

Cognitive delays may affect a child’s intellectual functioning, interfering with awareness and causing learning difficulties that often become apparent after a...
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Is My Child’s Speech Development Delayed?

Will early intervention therapy (EI) make a difference? When a child falls behind their peers in one or more areas of...
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Does My Child Need Physical Therapy?

Establishing a child as they grow and develop in the early years is of primary concern for any parent. Setting children...
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Does My Child Need Early Intervention?

Early intervention assists children as they work toward meeting their developmental milestones. Developmental milestones are a variety of motor, speech, emotional,...
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Does My Child Struggle With Developmental Milestones?

Watching a child grow and develop through the first several years of their life is a marvelous experience. It is a...
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Solace Celebration: Congratulations on Arielle’s Expanding Vocabulary!

Twice a month, we highlight one of the incredible children we work with. In the last post, we looked at Andrew’s...
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