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Would My Child Benefit From Occupational Therapy?

As our children grow and develop, we always want the best for them, to watch them thrive and make their way...
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Does My Child Struggle With Developmental Milestones?

Watching a child grow and develop through the first several years of their life is a marvelous experience. It is a...
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Solace In-Home Pediatric Therapy Day

Solace is humbled to be receiving a proclamation from the state of Colorado announcing December 1st, 2020 as Community Impact of...
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Solace Celebration: Andrew’s Incredible Progress in Occupational Therapy

A few times a month we are taking the opportunity to showcase the milestones and triumphs accomplished by the amazing kids...
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Solace Celebration: Melia’s Progress on Physical Therapy and Speech/Feeding Therapy Goals

Every other week, we highlight one of the incredible kids we work with: We celebrate their wins and feature their progress....
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Solace Celebration: Katianna Smashes Her Speech & Lanuage Therapy Goals!

Twice a month, we are taking time to spotlight the progress and victories our amazing kids are accomplishing! Last time, we...
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