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Jaden develops his fine and visual motor skills with his family.

Solace Celebrations | Jaden Develops His Fine and Visual Motor Skills with His Family

Each and every day our therapists get to work one-on-one with the most fantastic kids and through these experiences, we love to showcase the amazing progress these kids make in their sessions. Last time you met Angeline who is making great headway in her communication and feeding skills. This time, we would like to introduce Jaden who is becoming a writing superstar!

Jaden enjoys playing outdoors with his three brothers. They enjoy playing in their treehouse and going on the 4-wheeler with Dad. Jaden has made great progress over the past few weeks developing his fine and visual-motor skills. Jaden has made 40% progress towards writing both uppercase and lowercase letters with proper orientation and formation. Great job Jaden!

How occupational therapy improves writing skills and confidence

Writing is a vital form of communication; when handwriting difficulties impede this function it can be extremely difficult and frustrating in not only an academic setting but also in just day-to-day life. This could result in lower grades on assignment or test scores, aversion to tasks that require handwriting, and difficulties in expressing oneself through writing or other forms of creative outlets.  Not only can this have an impact on a child’s academic performance, but there can also be an element of embarrassment or perceived social stigma due to non proficiency with handwriting skills. For this reason, occupational therapy is often used to help address difficulties with handwriting.  By utilizing specific techniques to develop the motor and cognitive skills necessary to make the correct shapes and strokes used in handwriting, the patient’s skill level, confidence, and proficiency with writing will improve.

First steps to take to address your child’s needs

If you feel that your child may be having problems with handwriting skills, or know that they have not met certain developmental milestones in this area, the first step to getting help is an evaluation of the situation by a qualified professional, usually an occupational therapist. Once they have seen what the child’s strengths and weaknesses are, they can develop an individualized lesson and treatment plan to work specifically with what your child needs to develop necessary life skills and continue to thrive.  Solace home healthcare offers a distinct advantage in that the therapist can come to your child, whether at home or at school; so that they can learn these essential skills in a familiar and safe environment.  This eliminates extra distractions, anxiety, or frustrations associated with travel, and saves time for the whole family.

If you would like to know more about Solace home Healthcare or what handwriting-specific occupational therapy looks like, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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