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Solace Celebrations | Journey Levels Up His Writing Skills with Speech & Language Therapy

At Solace, we are so fortunate to get the opportunity to work with the most amazing kids day in and day out. It’s for this reason that we like to take some time every month to introduce you to one of these superstars and celebrate their successes! Last time you met Daxton who was making great progress in a variety of different therapies and this week we want to introduce Journey who is leveling up his writing skills with the help of speech and language therapy!

Journey is 9-years-old and receives skilled speech and language services for literacy-based language skills. When beginning E-Learning, Journey and his mother spoke about the difficulty he was having with writing assignments. In order to teach Journey some fundamentals of writing (syntax, punctuation, spelling, vocabulary etc.) that he could carry over into his school assignments, it was decided that he would pick a topic of his choosing. During this session, he finished his first body paragraph that he has been working on for a few weeks! He uses the whiteboard option to write what he is saying in conjunction with his laptop so that he can continue working outside of the session!

How E-learning further engages students and contributes to motivated learning

E-learning is essentially any learning initiative that takes place with the help of technology. The rise of online classes, lectures and platforms are allowing students to not only learn at a pace that works for them but also creates more opportunities for interactive elements as well as gamification which can often be a fun and effective motivating factor to continue further in lessons. Another benefit to e-learning is the ability to tap into the strengths of a digital classroom platform but in a hybrid model with more personalized methods. This is seen with Journey in that he can get the one-on-one help through teletherapy with his speech and language therapist in order to learn the skills he needs to better succeed with the more independent elements of E-learning.

Speech and Language Therapy benefits more than just speech

When thinking about speech or language issues, it would make sense that many would assume that it was just for speech related problems, but in reality speech therapy focuses on all aspects of communication which includes writing. Writing is a vital method of communication to get ones thoughts and feelings across and issues in regards to writing can greatly affect academic performance as well as self-esteem. By focusing on improving writing through speech and language therapy, you are also building important skills that blend into other avenues of communication such as vocabulary and syntax that will make the learner more well-rounded in both speaking and writing. At Solace, our SLPs are trained to help your child with all aspects of communication so that they can express themselves in a way that makes them feel confident and heard!

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