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Solace Celebrations | Daxton Flourishes In His Integrated Telehealth Therapy

Every month, we like to take the opportunity to introduce you to one of the amazing kids we have the privilege of working with. These kids work hard to meet and surpass their goals and it’s a joy to celebrate their accomplishments! Last time you met Maya who was dancing her way to success and this week we want to introduce Daxton who has been flourishing in occupational, speech and physical therapy!

Thriving in all areas

Daxton is making great progress with occupational, physical and speech therapy all through telehealth! With the support of parental coaching, Daxton’s therapists have been able to determine and order sensory equipment that will be appropriate for Daxton at home to help with his sensory regulation needs.

Daxton continues to make progress towards his functional gross motor goals during physical therapy by continuing to focus on balance, coordination, global strength as well as caregiver education. Daxton has met his coordination goal required for ball catching, being able to participate in age related ball play and has recently began to show interest with baseball activities. He has also made good progress towards his stair goal, improving his ability to independently interact with his natural environment.

In addition to this, Daxton is making significant gains in speech therapy as well! He is now consistently using his augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) device at home to communicate preferred objects and actions such as what he wants to watch and when he wants to go outside.  He is also beginning to use his AAC device to identify his own personal information such as name and age, as well as greet others. Daxton has also demonstrated an increase in his spontaneous verbalizations to make requests such as when he is hungry or needs help.

How AAC devices help reach goals faster

AAC devices are tablets or portable computers that assist with language and communication in a variety of ways. Some can be quite complex while others are more simplified for a streamlined experience but any AAC device has the goal of helping those with an impairment have a voice to get their thoughts and needs across. This is why Daxton was finding such great success by learning how to use his device to further communicate with his therapists and family. AAC devices function as not only a tool to help fill in gaps for missing words but also help stimulate language acquisition and recovery to assist in strengthening language and speech skills in a more immersive way.

Why Telehealth is a great option for various types of therapy

Telehealth has proven to be a lifesaver in terms of time and consistency without sacrificing quality of care. Whether it is speech, physical or occupational therapies, telemedicine can help assure that your child will get to continue working on their progress with the therapists that they love no matter the situation. During busy or difficult times, it can be a lot to go to multiple therapy sessions in a week or even have several different people come in and out, but this way all sessions are done from the comfort of your home with as little interference as possible. At Solace, our fully trained clinicians are able to effortlessly transition to a virtual setting to ensure that your child’s learning doesn’t miss a beat.

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