Solace Celebrations: Grace is communicating her needs

Biweekly, we like to take time and feature one of the amazing kids we are lucky enough to work with every day. Previously, we talked about the fantastic progress Jose was making in physical therapy and this week, we want you to meet Grace who is accomplishing so much in terms of communication with the help of speech therapy.

Grace is making her needs known

Grace has been making amazing progress in speech therapy  since switching to telemedicine. She has been signing “more” and “all done” with only a verbal cue, which is a new accomplishment! She is also requesting more of her favorite toy from mom and telling mom when she is all done and when she is ready to get down from the table. Amazing job Grace!

Why signing can be beneficial to speech therapy goals

If children are showing difficulties with verbal communication, then sign language can be an excellent tool to help the child communicate while working toward building verbal skills. Learning basic signs such as “more”, “all done”, and “help” allow for core needs to be communicated and also creating a foundation of terms where a speech approximation can later be attached to the action. By doing this, a speech therapist is able to better understand the wants and needs of the child right away and then use that knowledge to facilitate more verbal activity in a way that works for the individual child.

How speech teletherapy makes sessions easier and more comfortable

We believe that children are able to learn best in an environment where they feel safe and comfortable, which is why therapy that takes place in the home has shown to be very effective. By having the child do sessions in a location they are already accustomed to, it cuts out much of the anxiety attached to unknown environments and in turn brings distraction and unease to a minimum. This allows for the child to focus on the skills at hand. Our pediatric speech teletherapy sessions take this a step further by not only providing the benefits that in-home speech therapy has to offer, but also allows for sessions to continue despite hectic schedules or health concerns that could make face-to-face sessions a challenge. Telehealth is a valuable service that ensures that no matter the circumstances, sessions can be consistent and progress will continue being made. Learn all about out telehealth services and how it can help your child flourish in the comfort of their own home!