Solace Celebrations: Jose’s Physical Therapy is Making Mealtime a Treat

Every other week, we feature one of the incredible kids we have the privilege to work with! Previously, we introduced Lucia who has been experiencing success in her speech therapy efforts since switching to a tele-health approach. This week, we want to introduce you to Jose and share the amazing work he has accomplished through his physical therapy with the help of his experienced therapist and the continued support of his loving family.

Jose is high-fiving his therapy goals

Jose has made impressive progress in one of the most important times of the day, mealtime! He can now scoop a few bites of puree on his own, using his learner spoon. He does this without dropping or throwing it, and he also does it all by himself without help from mom. If that isn’t wonderful enough, Jose is holding his new sippy cup and drinking from it by himself like a champ! On top of Jose’s hard work with physical therapy, he is also integrating speech and using many new signs to communicate. Some of his favorites are the sign for “more,” “all done,” and he also signs to call his mother and house pet who he refers to as “wow wow”. In all of this excitement Jose is now standing up on his own and according to his physical therapist has gone from taking a few steps to becoming a speed-race walker. We also have to mention that Jose’s mom has been so supportive and absolutely integral to the telemedicine visits. The teamwork is priceless. Great work Jose!

Why Physical Therapy plays a huge role for delayed development

Physical Therapy teaches children flexibility, balance, coordination, positioning, gross motor skills, functional mobility, play skills, locomotor skills, and range of motion. But, physical therapy also plays a huge part in building confidence by providing simple and small victories that can be emotionally uplifting and keep motivation positive and running high. We all know that small victories are the fuel for larger ones and our team of physical therapists (PT’s) are extremely skilled to curate a unique individualized care plan for the specific needs of each developmentally delayed child and their families.

Teletherapy is here for you and your family

Our Pediatric Teletherapy Physical Therapy provides all the benefits of physical therapy without the need to come into one of our clinics. Our experience has shown time and time again that a child learns best in an environment where they are most comfortable. Many times teletherapy sessions can provide that comfort because of the reduced disruption to the child’s surroundings. Parental involvement is another incredible benefit of teletherapy. When a parent takes a primary role with the therapist for their child’s care, it naturally helps to educate them to understand their child’s progress even more allowing them to integrate their experiential knowledge into all the time they spend with their child.