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Does My Child Need Feeding Therapy?

May 15, 2018

Feeding therapy simply helps children learn how to eat or how to eat better. Many children have “issues” when it comes to eating. Are they a picky eater? Is texture a problem for them? Maybe they have trouble swallowing or an oral motor disorder? A pediatric-specialized Solace therapist can review a child’s eating history, discuss the challenges with both the child and the parents, consider any medical reasons that may be causing a concern and develop a treatment plan to address your child’s feeding problems. The parents are often included in the therapy because of the need for consistency of the therapy plan at every meal.

There are many signs that a child could benefit from feeding therapy:

Does Your Child?

  • Eat less than 20 foods
  • Scream/Cry when “new” foods are presented
  • Avoid certain food groups
  • Have aversions to textures, tastes and smells
  • Have overall difficulties with eating and drinking
  • Have mealtime “behaviors”
  • Seem to have a fear of food
  • Have foods they once loved to eat but refuses them now
  • Need to watch TV in order to eat
  • Refuse to eat with other people or in other environments

Whether this is an occasional issue or ongoing, Solace Home Health Care offers experienced therapists who come to your home and work with your child. Every therapy session and feeding plan is based on your child’s specific needs and no two therapy plans are alike. Removing mealtime stress means a happier and healthier child and parents who look forward to family time. Your Solace Pediatric Healthcare therapist will educate and support your family in any way possible to help your child overcome feeding obstacles and live his or her best life.

Please contact us at 303-432-8487 option 1 or if you are interested in more information or if you would like to schedule therapy for your child.

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