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Solace Celebrations | Angeline Improves Her Eating & Communication Skills During Meals

Every day our therapists get the opportunity to work with some of the most amazing kids and help them develop to their full potential. It brings us so much joy to see all the wins these kids make in their sessions, which is why we like to highlight a triumph every month. Last time, you met Journey who was leveling up his writing skills with the help of speech therapy. This month we would like you to meet Angeline who has been making fantastic progress with food in both communicating about it and physically eating!

Angeline has been having fantastic speech and occupational therapy visits! She is communicating “chicken nuggets” and “more” on her communication device to make requests during dinner and has also been working on bringing food to her mouth independently by taking bites and chewing. Her last session was the first time that she had ever brought a chicken nugget to her mouth, took a bite and chewed in therapy! We are so excited to see the amazing progress Angeline is making using telemedicine.

The role speech and occupational therapy plays in addressing feeding issues

Feeding issues can vary from difficulty with chewing and swallowing all the way to extreme pickiness that can inhibit a child from growing their palette. These issues call for feeding therapy that address challenges by helping the child learn to not only minimize risks that can be hindering their ability to eat but also meeting feeding milestones and communicating their wants in terms of what they want to eat. Feeding therapy can be done by both occupational therapists as well as speech and language pathologists who are trained in this specialty and in many cases utilizing both types of therapy can be beneficial in accelerating progress from both a functional eating and communication standpoint as seen with Angeline.

How in-home therapy saves on time and stress

When a child is participating in multiple types of therapy, it can get overwhelming for the child as well as the parents to have to make several scheduled appointments a week to attend in clinical offices. At Solace we understand this, which is why we believe that in-home or telehealth therapy sessions offer a considerable benefit to therapy by embracing the fact that the child is in a comfortable surrounding where they will be more open to learning new skills. Our trained therapists at Solace Pediatric Healthcare offer the highest quality treatment at home so whether your child has one appointment or several, time isn’t wasted with travel and getting adjusted to unfamiliar locations. To see if in-home therapy is right for your child, get in touch and we can help with next steps!

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