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Solace Celebrations | Dom Proves the Power of Occupational & Speech Therapy

It is our pleasure to share the victories that the brave kids we work with accomplish in their therapeutic journeys. Getting the opportunity to help children reach their full potential with the support of pediatric therapy is our mission and we want to share the joy we receive watching the wins these kids make in their sessions. Last time, you met Samuel who was showing major improvements in his speech skills due to his work with our Speech Therapy services. This month we would like you to meet Dominic ‘Dom’ who has been making significant progress via telehealth with Occupational and Speech Therapist Ashley.

We are happy to celebrate that Dom’s Occupational Therapy telehealth sessions have resulted in him learning how to hook his zipper and zip his jacket independently! He is also working on drawing shapes and holding his writing utensil the correct way so he can begin to write capital letters with the goal of eventually writing his name. Dom has also been practicing using scissors and can now cut along straight lines independently and is working towards his next goal of cutting out simple shapes and curvy lines. Way to go Dom!

If that wasn’t already a huge accomplishment, Dom just keeps wowing us through his speech and language therapy progress. He is now able to verbalize and use 4+ word sentences to communicate his needs, as well as participate in conversation and direct play. Dom’s family is now able to understand nearly all of what he says (approximately 80%) and he continues to learn and master production of new sounds such as /f/ and /k/ to continue increasing his overall speech intelligibility. He has also been working very hard to improve his use of correct pronouns, including “I”, and is now able to do this independently most of the time. He has worked very hard and has continued to make great gains through the telehealth sessions.

Why Provide Early Intervention Telehealth Therapy

Dom’s story and the consistent support Occupational and Speech Therapy has provided him has changed the course of his future. Providing this kind of support for developmental delays is a proactive benefit that is priceless to children. The incremental increase in the quality of communication between him and his family has helped him become more confident, given his family access to his needs and wants, brought the household stress level down, and the communication connection points up. These stories are the primary reasons Solace Pediatric Healthcare is proud to provide the experienced therapists and pediatric services via telehealth.

Why Engage Early Intervention Pediatric Therapy?

  • It works! Early intervention therapy has a high success rate due to brain connections that are developed in the first three years of life.
  • It gives kids time to practice. Starting early provides plenty of time to practice in the safety of a child’s home and with the support of family and expert therapists.
  • The future matters. Allow your child to improve developmental path and impact the outcome of their future exponentially.
  • Today matters. Set kids up for current success in their community – emotionally, relationally, and practically.
  • It builds confidence, trust, and lasting family connections.
  • It supports an internal foundation for positive mental and physical health.

Telehealth Therapy Makes it More Than Accessible

When a child is participating in multiple types of therapy, it can become an overwhelming commitment for the whole family. We understand this at Solace and we have purposed to make our telehealth therapy sessions the best and most effective offering available. We have experienced the actual benefit of working with a child while they are in the comfort of their own home and have experienced that comfort contribute to more rapid progress, as well as less stress and distractions new surroundings can present. Our trained therapists at Solace Pediatric Healthcare offer the highest quality treatment no matter if, like Dom, your child has one or several appointments. To see if our telehealth therapy is right for your child, get in touch and we can help with next steps!

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