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Solace Celebrations | Maya Finds Her “Groove” in Speech Therapy

We are constantly in awe of the amazing progress we see in the kids we work with each and every day, which is why we love to spotlight their successes! Last time you met Eli who was expanding his palette and loving all kinds of new foods. This week, we want you to meet Maya who is finding her groove in speech therapy sessions!

Expanding skills in fun ways

Maya has made great progress in speech therapy and has significantly improved her participation in sessions since switching to telehealth visits! She loves using music and dance to learn and practice new language concepts. During this session, Maya met her goal of correctly using subject pronouns in both English and Spanish to talk about people and characters in sentences! Next she will be working on using verbs correctly to talk about events in the past and tell stories. Great job Maya!

The strengths of speech therapy for bilingual speakers

Going back and forth between one or more languages is an amazing feat that can also come with a unique set of challenges, especially when someone is just learning how to speak in general. Whether it is the vast pronunciation shifts that some languages have compared to others or completely different sentence structures that require a sound understanding of grammar, it makes the challenge of speaking in multiple languages effectively all the more impressive!

Speech therapy can benefit bilingual children in a variety of ways and is actually quite common. Sometimes switching between languages can cause issues such as lisps or difficulty pronouncing certain sounds that may be common in one language but does not exist in the other. Speech therapy addresses things like this with specific exercises and personalized approaches that can help the child correct the problem before it turns into a larger one down the line. Speech therapy can also improve a child’s overall understanding of grammar by creating games and activities that help to break down more complicated language structures in a fun and easy to understand way, just like how Maya used music and dance to learn how to correctly use pronouns!

Telehealth lets children thrive in their sessions no matter the time or place

Life can get hectic and busy and sometimes sessions have to be missed due to difficulty getting to and from appointments but with the convenience of teletherapy, it is simpler than ever to maintain consistency in sessions. Not only does teletherapy have the benefit of letting the child learn in the environment in which they may feel the most confident and comfortable, but Solace teletherapy offers the same high quality format that parents come to expect with Solace’s in-person sessions in a way that works for your family regardless of the situation.

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