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What is Pediatric Home Health Care?

May 8, 2018

Pediatric home health care is defined as offering therapy services to children and families in a comfortable convenient setting such as their home or school. It is a good choice for most children because it allows the child to get the help they need in surroundings they are used to; in addition, family is often present for support and the therapist can observe the child in his everyday life. Families today have busy schedules so home health care therapists coordinate their visits with what works for the family’s time table.

Solace Home Health Care recognizes that every patient has unique needs; because of this, Solace therapists work with parents to develop a therapy plan that could include occupational therapy (OT), physical therapy (PT), speech therapy (SLP) and assistance with feeding needs. The Solace network encompasses all of Colorado. Listed is a summary of what each therapy covers:

1. Physical Therapy

Pediatric physical therapists help patients with a variety of medical, neurological, and developmentally-related conditions. This could be from a congenital condition or an injury. Gross motor skills, range of motion, balance and strength, coordination, functional mobility, and ambulation are some examples of areas a child can be helped.

2. Occupational Therapy

Pediatric ccupational therapists help children function better in everyday life by working with them with challenges at home or at school. These challenges could be the result of either a physical or mental illness. Fine motor skills, self-care skills, sensory integration, range of motion, activities of daily living, and difficult behaviors are areas that a Solace therapist could assist with.

3. Speech Therapy

Pediatric speech therapists help children with speech and language difficulties, as well as feeding and swallowing. Their evaluations often pick up problems with hearing and processing words too. Other areas of focus are cognitive and social deficits, articulation, communication, fluency, augmentative communication (alternate ways of communicating), and voice projection.

If you feel your child could benefit from any of the above services, please reach out to Solace Home Health Care. We will work with your schedule to come to your home and evaluate your child. A pediatric-specialized Solace therapist will develop a therapy plan just for your child that will enhance your child’s life as well as the whole family environment.

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