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Solace Pediatric Healthcare is proud to partner with Merge Electric Fleet Solutions on a six-month pilot program.

Solace Pediatric Healthcare Partners With Merge Electric Fleet Solutions

May 17, 2022
Mike Ralston

Solace Pediatric Healthcare is proud to partner with Merge Electric Fleet Solutions on a six-month pilot program. Four clinicians at Solace Pediatric Healthcare will use fully electric 2021 Volkswagen ID.4s during those six months, driving their normal daily routes as they care for pediatric patients in their homes.

For years Darcie Peacock, CEO at Solace Pediatric Healthcare, has been monitoring the electric vehicle market for the right time to start transitioning the fleet of over 180 vehicles.

 “We have been waiting for the battery range, charging infrastructure and options for AWD or 4WD to be available before making the leap. It is an exciting time to be able to participate in this pilot program and learn how to best move forward with transitioning our most popular benefit, the car program, to an electric fleet. While we have been waiting for the right electric vehicles to hit the market, we have been participating in carbon offsetting for every mile driven by our fleet,” said Peacock.

“Merge is thrilled to be kicking off the Electric Vehicle Pilot Program with Solace,” said Glen Stancil, CEO of Merge Electric Fleet Solutions. “The drivers participating in the pilot offer a good representation of Solace’s needs, and Merge is gathering telematics data to ensure a larger fleet electrification effort would be successful for all of Solace’s clinicians. Solace is innovative in their approach and dedicated to a cleaner future for their fleet, and we know the Electric Vehicle Pilot Program will help them achieve these aims.”

Through this partnership we have installed chargers at each participating clinician’s home and will monitor and report charging activity and costs so Solace can better understand the costs associated with making the transition to electric vehicles. Drivers also received on-site training and support from the Merge team to ease the learning curve. 

The six-month pilot program will allow us to gain experience and understanding around fleet electrification and future infrastructure before we begin transitioning our fleet. At the core of Solace is a focus on initiatives to give back to the local community and reinforce the company’s commitment to sustainability. 

About Solace Pediatric Healthcare

Solace Pediatric Healthcare is the leading provider of pediatric nursing, family caregiver, occupational, physical, speech and feeding therapy services. Since 2005, our clinicians have provided pediatric care to children from birth to 21 years of age. At Solace, we’ve instilled a culture built on trust, communication, teamwork and accountability. Our mission is to provide pediatric healthcare services to help children and families live their best lives. To learn more about Solace Pediatric Healthcare, visit

About Merge Electric Fleet Solutions

Merge Electric Fleet Solutions is a fleet electrification service and finance company. Our mission is to deliver the economic, environmental, and experiential benefits of fleet electrification in comprehensive solutions that are simple, affordable, and scalable. The Merge team brings decades of EV experience from designing, delivering, and operating integrated charging solutions for commercial and residential applications on L2 and DC platforms at over 1,500 sites across 40 states. To learn more about Merge and its fleet electrification capabilities, please visit, follow us on LinkedIn, or email

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