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Supreme's Physial Therapy Progress

Solace Celebrations: Supreme’s Progress with his Physical Therapy

June 29, 2020

We are launching a new series: Solace Celebrations. Every other week we will share a celebration of the progress of one of the kids we work with! Each and every step is a reason to celebrate. Our goal is to help each child reach his or her best life, and with each milestone or goal reached, it’s a step closer!

Supreme walking with AFO Supreme’s Progress with Physical Therapy

This week’s celebration post is for Supreme! He is making great progress working with his Physical Therapist Wendy (PT). He has his new left ankle-foot orthosis, which allows him to walk without knee hyperextension. It also gives him an improved base of support for growth in other mobility skills! He is also squatting and returning to stand with smooth movement and mid-range control. Great job, Supreme!

What is an Ankle-Foot Orthosis (AFO)?

An ankle-foot orthosis (or AFO) is a brace that supports the position and motion of the ankle. This brace stabilizes the foot and ankle and provides toe clearance during walking. They are extremely helpful in physical therapy and often allow for growth in other mobility and developmental skills.

What is Physical Therapy, and How Does it Work with Telemedicine?

Physical Therapy helps children with strength, flexibility balance, coordination, positioning, gross motor skills, functional mobility, play skills, locomotor skills, and range of motion. It is extremely beneficial for reaching developmental milestones, and can be of great benefit for those with neurological disorders. Our team of physical therapists (PT’s) are extremely skilled and create individualized care plans to help each and every child with their own unique needs.

Our Pediatric Teletherapy Physical Therapy provides all the benefits of physical therapy without the need to come into one of our clinics. We believe a child learns best in their own environment, where they are most comfortable. Teletherapy sessions are a fun way to receive physical therapy. Parental involvement is another wonderful benefit of teletherapy. When a parent takes a leading role with the therapist for their child’s care, it helps them know where their child is at, and allows them to be more involved in reaching their goals.

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