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Solace Celebrations: Lucia is Flipping Through Pages with Success

March 25, 2021
Josh Race

Every other week, we showcase one of the fantastic kids we get the amazing opportunity to work with! Previously, we introduced Jack who used a self-assembled obstacle course to tackle both physical and speech therapy to go above and beyond his goals. This week, we want you to meet Lucia and share with you all the great work she has done with the help of speech therapy and family support.

Lucia makes strides in her speech therapy goals with assistive technology

Lucia has been making great progress while working with her speech therapist Anna Jacobs, CCC-SLP and since switching to telehealth. Lucia’s mom has also been doing a great job supporting her with her therapy activities as well as continuing with feeding support! Lucia was able to track from one page to another throughout a book activity and activated her switch device five times on the iPad! Great work Lucia!

How assistive technology offers new levels of accessibility in sessions

Assistive technology comes in many forms such as the switch that Lucia uses with the iPad to various types of software that can enable speech recognition or eye tracking as just a small example. These advances in technology allow people with learning disabilities or difficulties to be able to maintain, or improve their functional capabilities in everyday tasks.  Some examples of assistive technologies are custom computers, specialized software, specialized keyboards, interface devices, even custom made prosthetics that allow greater access and the ability to function and participate in the same activities as their peers.  Solace clinicians help our clients lean into assistive technology so that ease of use can become second nature and integrates them with therapy sessions. By doing this, our kids are able to seamlessly apply these innovations to allow for greater strides in meeting their therapeutic goals.

Telehealth can provide quality care regardless of any situation

In these challenging times, there can be a multitude of reasons why in-person therapy can be difficult to achieve. Whether it is hectic family schedules, inclement weather or protecting compromised immune systems, telehealth can be the bridge that allows for important sessions to continue regardless of what life throws in the way.  At Solace, our pediatric telehealth services are able to bring the same level of treatment as an in-home session to provide the outcomes your child needs and deserves in a fun, friendly and supportive environment.

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