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Celebrating Adrian's Accomplishments in Speech Therapy

Solace Celebrations | Adrian Gets “More” From Speech & Language Therapy

We are always in awe of the amazing progress the kids we work with make every day. For this reason, we love to take time and share stories about the victories these amazing kids make. Last time, we introduced you to Korvin who has been doing great working on motor skills and this week we would like you to meet Adrian who has been learning all kinds of new ways to communicate through speech and language therapy!

Adrian’s strides in functional communication

Adrian has made great progress towards his therapy goal to use more functional communication. He now uses the signs for ‘more’ with his mom and dad. He has also started signing when he wants something like food or a toy. He loves imitating his favorite songs and TV shows! Adrian’s mom, Shy, has been creative in ways to keep Adrian busy and growing. This includes introducing him to new foods continuously and finding opportunities for him to play outside even when the parks have been closed. Way to go Adrian and family!

How signing creates strong foundations for connections

For children who struggle with speech delays, signing can be a huge resource that comes with significant benefits in helping establish words and meaning through actions. One common method that can help with speech delays is to first use the sign to give the child the opportunity to communicate the need and eventually the sign can be replaced or used with the word for that action. This bridge allows for the child to communicate and get their needs across in a way that leaves the path open for learning the corresponding words without so much of the stress. Actions such as this when used together with speech and language therapy can help motivate the child to take the next steps toward their language goals.

In-home speech therapy lets family be a part of the progress

One of the biggest impacts in Adrian’s progress is the input and collaboration Adrian’s family had with his speech therapist in helping to ensure that Adrian stays engaged with lessons throughout daily life. This is one of the most important benefits of home-based therapy where not only is the therapist able to better determine a plan of action that complements the child’s lifestyle and routine, but also lets the parents be involved in a way that will be more authentic to their lifestyle. By having the parents involved with therapy in the child’s most comfortable environment, it encourages progress to continue in the most natural way possible. At Solace, our trained clinicians understand the value of parental involvement when it comes to progress and it is just one of the reasons why our home-based approach yields such effective results.




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