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Solace Celebrations | Pearl is Boldly Embracing Her Occupational Therapy Wins

September 7, 2021
Josh Race

It’s time to celebrate again! We have the privilege to work with so many amazing kids that we really can’t stop talking about them. It’s their victories that make us happy to come to work each day. A couple weeks ago we celebrated Adrian and his strides in functional communication that has brought so much interaction and joy to his home. This time we are celebrating Pearl who is making amazing progress with her occupational therapist as well as her speech and language therapy!

Occupational Therapy Provides Confidence and Energy

Pearl is making such incredible progress! She is working with her occupational therapist Janese and is independently completing the letters “E” and “L” when she is prompted by verbal cues. She also loves building Mat Man, the body awareness curriculum from Handwriting Without Tears. These tasks have been giving Pearl confidence enough to boldly celebrate her victories, and the small and achievable steps that her occupational therapist has integrated into her overall plan has been a huge encouragement for her to continue making incredible progress.

Why is Occupational Therapy Critical For a Child?

One of the most wonderful things about occupational therapy is that it works. Children benefit from the extra support, improve their communication skills, build critical thinking skills and more by participating. Regardless of a child’s condition or delay, occupational therapy will benefit them through focused attention to helping them grow more comfortable with things that are a struggle at an early age.

All children like Pearl want to explore and be curious about learning new things. When daily activities, that are also completely necessary are difficult, it is very defeating. Eating, putting on clothing, brushing teeth, using the bathroom, and even expressing oneself through writing and drawing are basic essentials to being an individual and enjoying life. Nobody is at their best when they are exhausted and frustrated just trying to get the day started. Occupational therapy is helping Pearl make these moments about what she can do versus what she can’t do and it’s awesome.

Occupational Therapy is a Proactive Response to Your Childs Delayed Development

Once Pearl’s physician had identified a reason for concern and a comprehensive evaluation has been conducted with an experienced pediatric occupational therapist her parents made quick work of getting her the help that she needed. That’s why all the therapists at Solace Pediatric are so proud to be here for all the amazing progress and wins that Pearl has been racking up through her time with her occupational therapist. Keep up the great work Pearl, we are headed into your future together!



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