Meet Megan | Speech-Language Pathologist

Meet Megan, a speech-language pathologist at Solace Pediatric Home Healthcare. A member of the Solace team for nearly three years, Megan earned undergraduate and graduate degrees at the University of Central Oklahoma. She also serves as a clinical mentor, onboarding success coach and graduate student supervisor.

What do you like most about your job?

I love the unique patient and caregiver relationship you gain in pediatric home health. There is often incredible progress due to increased parent involvement and the child feeling at ease in a familiar setting. It makes my job so rewarding!

What are your hobbies?

Cycling, skiing, hiking, camping, paddle boarding, or anything else I can do outdoors.

What is your proudest accomplishment?

In work – My passion and ever expanding skill as a speech pathologist. In life – My family; my daughter and husband are my world.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

I don’t have a single person that inspires me. I find inspiration in many people in my life. Fellow therapists, supervisors, and students all impact how I grow as a clinician. Outside of work, I try to grow as a person by surrounding myself with people I admire who bring positivity into my life.

What might someone be surprised to know about you?

I enjoy racing mountain bikes!

How would someone describe you?

Energetic, extrovert, persistent, ambitious, creative

What is your favorite go-to order at your favorite restaurant?

Tacos! I love Tacos

What are your three tips for a new clinician?

1) Utilize your co-workers and lean on them. It is okay to ask for help and to admit when you don’t know something! 2) You don’t have to fill you trunk with toys as a home health clinician. Try to use what is in the home first. If you need a little extra motivation find a few of your basic things you love and have them as back up. 3) Family rapport and education is key to home health. You will get so much more accomplished if you have a good relationship with caregiver(s) and spend time teaching them how to utilize strategies outside of sessions.