Harrison: Making Strides in Telehealth Occupational Therapy

Twice a month, we publish a post featuring the victories and progress of our amazing kids! Celebrating milestones and cheering on growth is fun and encouraging. Last week we featured Josh, who is making strides in his Physical Therapy. Today, we want to introduce you to Harrison!

Harrison: Making Strides in Telehealth Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Harrison enjoys playing with his little sister and going on adventure walks with mom. During this telemedicine session, Harrison worked with his COTA Anisha Boggiano, OTA student Allison, and mom towards his fine and visual motor and ADL goals. Harrison has made 40% progress towards writing both uppercase and lowercase letters with proper orientation and formation. He was also successful in being able to independently tie his shoe following the Two Bunny Ear Loop Method! Way to go Harrison!

What is Pediatric Occupational Therapy and Why is It Important?

Pediatric Occupational Therapy helps children achieve independence in all of life’s “functions.” Whether that’s writing, eating, getting dressed, playing on a playground, or much more, our therapists work with each child individually to help them reach their goals. Our therapists work to hone gross and fine motor skills and guide parents to help their children become more independent as they develop. Our OT’s and OTR’s have their Master’s Degree from an accredited occupational therapy program, NBOCT, and are licensed in Colorado.

How Occupational Therapy Benefits Kids the Most

There are many great ways to get therapy for your child –  Telehealth Occupational Therapy is a wonderful option for many families for multiple reasons: Getting out of the house can be difficult if there is bad weather, you live far away from a clinic, or there are scheduling difficulties. Telehealth allows you to continue your therapy no matter what. In-home, in-person therapy is also a great option for many families. We have always provided therapy in-home because we know that kids learn best in their own environment. Additionally, parents are better able to help their children achieve their goals, as therapists work with parents as well to teach them the best ways to guide their child. Our mission is to help each child reach their goals and live their best life!