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Does My Child Need Speech Therapy?

May 11, 2018

Knowing whether or not your child is a candidate for pediatric speech therapy can be tricky. While no one can say for sure until your child is evaluated, here are some things you can look for as a parent/caregiver to make sure your kiddo is on track with their speech and language development!

1.) Is your child babbling?

Children typically start making sounds like “coo” and “goo” around two to three months, with full-blown babbling occurring around four months of age.

2.) Is your child having difficulties socially or in school?

If your child is having trouble in school (either with their work or with their peers), or if your child is struggling to connect socially, a pediatric speech evaluation might be able to shed some light on areas he/she might need some help with.

3.) Do you having a hard time understanding your child?

If you – or others – struggle to understand your child, a pediatric speech therapist can work on everything from making the correct sounds to forming words and sentences.

4.) Does your child have as many words as other children the same age?

Though all children develop differently, if it seems there is a glaring difference in the extent of your child’s vocabulary versus his/her peers, a pediatric speech pathologist could provide speech therapy to get your child caught up.

5.) Is your child struggling with reading or writing?

For older children struggling with reading and writing, pediatric speech therapy might be able to help with confusion and accelerate their learning at a quicker pace. Speech and language disorders can have a lasting impact on a child’s life through adulthood if not addressed, but luckily, there are fantastic resources out there should you feel your child could use some extra help.

If you would like more information on pediatric speech and language development, or if you would like to schedule an evaluation for your child, please call Solace Pediatric Home Healthcare at 303-432-8487 option 1.

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