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22nd Annual Down Syndrome Walk

August 31, 2021
Mike Ralston

Several clinicians from Solace Pediatric Home Healthcare took part in the 22nd Annual Down Syndrome Walk on Saturday, August 21 at Palmer Lake in Colorado Springs. The virtual event was sponsored by the Colorado Springs Down Syndrome Association (CSDSA), which provides support and encouragement to families of children with Down syndrome. 

“We really enjoy supporting this outstanding organization and spending quality time with the children and their families,” said Allison Hays, regional clinical manager at Solace Pediatric Home Healthcare.

A small group of parents founded the CSDSA in 1989, and more than 25 years later remain dedicated to encouraging fellowship and sense-of-community amongst our families. The outlook for children and adults with Down syndrome continues to improve every day due to the increases in quality of medical care, early intervention, and educational support. 

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