Why In-Home Therapy Leads to Greater Success

For most people, home is the place where they can relax and feel the most at ease.  We associate it with safety and comfort and in turn, are able to relax.  This characteristic is one of the main reasons why pediatric home based therapy is often met with greater success than therapy that takes place in an office. Having to prepare to go to an appointment can already put any child on edge, but if we combine that with the introduction of new faces in a more clinical setting, this can create a sense of anxiety that can stifle and prevent the child from getting the best response from therapy.  In-home therapy provides a number of benefits from ensuring that treatment always continues to enabling a better integration of skills into family life. Here are just some of the ways that home-based therapy can create the ideal foundation to start off any meaningful course of action.

Making sure that care always continues

Just as a familiar environment helps to put a child at ease, so does a familiar therapist.  We understand the importance of consistency in your child’s care which is why we aim to have the same clinicians involved during the entire course of therapy.  This not only fosters trust between the child and the therapist but also limits the amount of disruptions to the child’s progress by keeping things stable and recognizable.

Working with Busy Families

There are times when life becomes extremely hectic and juggling appointments, not to mention the time and preparation needed for travel, can make an appointment that should only last an hour easily turn into three.  With home-based sessions, things become much easier for busy families where an hour will truly only be an hour.  This allows you and your family to schedule appointments at times that work around what you have going on and not the other way around.

Seeing development and Interaction in a natural environment

One major benefit of having therapy sessions that take place in the home is the valuable opportunity for the therapist to see how the child works in their natural environment.  This lets the therapist tailor the sessions in a way that builds upon daily routines to create a better integration of skills into the child’s daily life.  It also allows for the therapist to get a better understanding of how to bring the parents and siblings into specific courses of action that are personalized to better mesh with family dynamics.

Services offered through home based therapy

Solace offers a wide variety of in-home services such as physical, occupational , and speech therapy to assist your child in the place where they are most comfortable and willing to learn.  Our expert team of clinicians provide personalized therapy to meet each individual child’s needs to support their development and help them flourish.

Combining in home and tele-therapy

As shown over the last year, sometimes things can happen that upend all plans and schedules.  While most of the time we can adjust and adapt, when it comes to the progress of your child’s development, most parents would like to keep that as stable and consistent as possible. With the integration of both in-home sessions and teletherapy, treatment can continue regardless of obstacles so that consistent care is available to keep your child’s progress and momentum going.

How to Get Started

If you are interested in seeing if in-home therapy is right for your child, the first step is to have them seen for an evaluation.  Parents can either talk with the child’s physician to request a referral or they can contact us directly to speak with a patient advocate to discuss further steps.  Either way, if an evaluation is recommended, one of our licensed pediatric therapists will be able to help assess the best course of action for your child and family.