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Home based therapy for children

Why Home Based Therapy for Children in Their Natural Environment is Better

September 25, 2019

Home based therapy for children: There are many things to consider when you choose therapy options for your child. One thing many people don’t know is that children who are able to have therapy in familiar environments are often able to meet and surpass goals more quickly than in a formal clinical environment due to several factors. This can range from the therapist having more insight to a child’s daily life to simply alleviating anxiety. Here are some of the most notable reasons why in home therapy for children (or in another natural environment) may be a better option for your child.

  • In-Person Situational Advice

One of the main assets of therapy performed in a natural environment is that it offers the therapist the opportunity to help address a problem right where it could be triggered. This could be anything from going to the grocery store with a child who has anxiety in public places or being able to see right when it happens if a child has certain triggering instances at the neighborhood playground. This could even go as far as accompanying an injured athlete back on the field to help avoid further injury. This type of real-time situational therapy offers the therapist and the family much more insight into the subtle nuances of a problem that is just not easily described or duplicated in a clinical setting as well the chance to help correct an issue as it is happening.

  • Eases Anxiety

It’s no secret that to many people a formal office or a clinical setting can be intimidating. A child may become anxious having to be uprooted from whatever they were doing to get ready to go to an appointment and then meet an unfamiliar person in an unfamiliar environment. When a child is working with an in home therapist instead, it is taking away many of those anxiety inducing factors. A child could be met at home (or at school if it is better) so that they are able to feel more at ease in a safe space and they will be working with the same therapist throughout their care so that a rapport is built and they know they can trust their therapist. This overall makes for a much more comfortable process for the child who in turn will be able to progress and prosper at a faster pace.

  • More Family Participation

When a therapist is able to see how a child interacts with the family in their most natural setting, it allows for much greater insight into what it is like for the child in their everyday life. This helps the therapist, as well as the family, understand where and when conflicts can arise. This can be a great opportunity to help families get advice on what to do exactly in those moments to help alleviate the issue in a way where the advice can be applied then and there to help make the entire experience feel less foreign. Additionally, it allows for greater interaction between parents and children, which is extremely beneficial. Having the therapist come to the child’s home also lets the family get advice on how to continue the work with their child between appointments in a way that works best for each individual family.

  • More Opportunities for Learning Activities

One of the other great opportunities that come with a therapist working with a child in a natural setting is the option for more fun and active learning activities. When not contained to the four walls of an office setting, it allows the therapist to be able to have activities and exercises that will be best for the individual child as opposed to a forced activity that they may not enjoy. This will not only make the sessions of in home therapy for children more fun and exciting for the child but also lets the therapist tailor the session in a way that helps the child meet their particular goals in the most helpful way.

In Home Therapy for Children: The Benefits of Home Based Therapy are Numerous

Overall, the benefits of in home therapy for children in a natural setting are numerous. From more opportunities for family to get involved to just the reduction of stress and anxiety for all, the benefits are clear. When children are able to have therapy at home it will allow them to meet their goals and really thrive.

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