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Tips for Parents: Transitioning Baby to Crib

April 19, 2018

One of the first purchases of soon to be new parents is a crib. The vision of your new bundle of joy sleeping peacefully in the crib is heartwarming. But as a newborn, it is recommended that the baby starts out in a bassinet close to Mom and Dad’s bed; this allows for the parents to be “on call” for any night time needs and it also allows the baby to sleep in a smaller space, more like the mother’s womb.

When is it the “right” time to transition the baby to the crib? Most baby’s make the big move between 3 and 6 months. Critics say you will know the appropriate time as either the baby will be getting too big for the bassinet or the baby’s sleep patterns will not be as peaceful.

Tips to Make the Transition Safer and Successful

When the time is right, here are some tips for Parents to make the transition to the crib safe and more successful:

  1. Start with a full size crib that has sides that do not move; older cribs have sides that slide up and down and this is considered dangerous, especially as the baby becomes more mobile.
  2. A firm mattress is very important as it will offer more support. A soft mattress might allow the baby to get into a position that could hamper proper breathing, especially when the baby is new to the crib; their little bodies are still developing the strength they need to move their necks and body upon their command.
  3. It is not recommended to use “baby bumpers” as your baby could get tangled up in them. A clear sleeping space with no pillows or blankets will allow your baby to stay safe regardless of any movement.
  4. The safest sleeping position for your baby is on the back! This is a must as it decreases the chances of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
  5. An optimal sleeping temperature for the baby’s room is between 68-72 degrees. Not too cold and not too hot makes for a better quality of

If your baby starts with a good sleep environment and develops healthy sleep habits, parents and baby will all be happier. Solace’s Pediatric-specialized Clinicians work with children of any age who struggle with sleep problems. Please reach out to Solace if this is an area of concern for your family.

Please contact us at 303-432-8487 option 1 or if you are interested in receiving therapy from our clinicians. For more Tips & Advice, please click here


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