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Tips for Parents: Baby’s First Toys!

April 27, 2018

As a newborn a baby just needs its parents for entertainment; the comfort of Dad’s arms or the tone of Mom’s voice makes them feel happy and stimulated. By 6 weeks, most babies are able to see about 8-18 inches and the interaction between baby and the world takes on a whole new meaning. There will be lots of smiles and cooing and possibly even some giggles when interacting with others. This will also be the time when the baby will be interested in appropriate toys. The main way that babies explore their new world is through their senses; they want to taste and touch whatever they can plus bright colors or new noises are stimulating.

Choosing New Toys for Baby

When choosing toys for your new baby, think of high-contrast patterns and bright colors; baby’s are near-sighted in the beginning (until their vision is fully developed) so this makes it easier for your baby to see what you are dangling in front of them. Rattles and teethers are something your baby will be curious about and want to hold plus it helps with the development of fine motor skills. Sensory toys such as soft books or toys that squeak help the baby learn about different textures and sounds. Music is one of the best ways to entertain and soothe your baby. A mobile over the crib allows your baby to work on seeing things farther away and hear new sounds. Many babies find it soothing to fall asleep to music whether through the mobile or some type of MP3 player.

Think about Safety First

When it comes to choosing a toy for your baby, think about safety first and stimulation second. Age appropriate toys will help your baby develop fine motor skills and a wonderful curiosity about his or her surroundings. If you feel your child is behind developmentally with smiling, grasping toys or responding to stimuli, please reach out to Solace as we have many wonderful therapists who can help.

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