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The Importance of Early Intervention

January 21, 2019

Every child develops and matures at his or her own pace. However, there are times when certain developmental milestones are missed. Parents begin to become concerned and wonder how they can help their child with these critical milestones. If your child is an only child or has much older siblings or is the oldest child, it can be difficult to know when and how to voice your concerns.

What You Should Know

Early intervention and involving your child’s pediatrician as soon as you begin to suspect that delays are occurring is key. Not only does early intervention help keep your child on a path to making the most of their abilities and skills developed during the early years, but it also provides critical support for you and other family members in the household. Getting help for your child so that they can work towards hitting these learning and developmental milestones fosters a supportive and nurturing environment for the entire family.

What to Expect

Getting your child involved with a physical therapist or occupational therapist in these critical formative years is vital. Children who have received early intervention experience an increase in the child’s ability to integrate into future social environments. Early therapies alleviate feelings of frustration, stress, disappointment, and helplessness for both the child and the family. Removing these negative feelings from the home environment can help improve the well-being of the family as a whole and reduce additional impairments on the development of the child.

Asking for Help

Talk with your child’s pediatrician about the delays you are observing with your child. While all children grow and develop on at their own pace, it is important to make your concerns heard so that your doctor can help you decide the best course of action. Be able to give specific instances or behaviors which are concerning to you. Remember that you know your child best and a clear head and detailed notes can help you give your provider valuable information.

Know What’s Available

Early intervention help comes in a variety of forms. Occupational therapists can help your child develop their fine motor skills like holding a crayon or dressing themselves. Speech therapists will assist children who have hearing loss, or significant language delays learn to imitate sounds and other pre-speech skills. Physical therapists may utilize adaptive equipment to help a child improve their mobility by crawling, sitting, rolling or walking. Nutritional therapy and other support services can be added to meet your child and family’s needs.

Why Solace Pediatric Home Healthcare

At Solace Pediatric Home Healthcare we know that children and families thrive when therapy comes to them. Our therapists work with your child in their natural environment where they are most comfortable. Each therapist works with your child based on their needs and provides you with an Individualised Family Service Plan which coordinates physicians, therapists and family members to meet evidence-based goals based on your family’s values, desires, and culture. Our team works with you to train you to help address your child’s areas of delay so that we can all be successful together.

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