PrintReleaf: Global Reforestation

As part of our green initiative and in concert with our core values of progressiveness and efficiency, Solace Pediatric Home Healthcare is proud to announce its partnership with PrintReleaf. PrintReleaf allows us to offset our paper usage and contribute to global sustainability and reforestation efforts. According to their website, PrintReleaf has designed and built the world’s first platform to automate

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Giving Solace Childrens Hospital

Giving Solace to Children’s Hospital

For the month of June 2018, Solace Pediatric Home Healthcare had additional motivation to complete as many therapy visits as possible as we pledged to donate $1.00 for every therapy visit completed during the month to support the Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation (link here). In concert with one of our strongest cultural beliefs, “better together,” our Patient Access, Patient Financial

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giving solace walk with autism

Giving Solace – Walk with Autism

On Sunday, June 12, 2018 the Autism Society of Colorado held the Walk With Autism at Sloan’s Lake park. Solace had outstanding participation for the Walk With Autism 2018 event! With over 500 participants in total attendance, Autism Society was able to raise $23,081.47! The Walk With Autism is a Colorado-based fundraiser part of the Autism Society Affiliate network which

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Lubird Playground Giving Solace Fund

Giving Solace: Lets build a playground

The Giving Solace Fund is partnering with LuBird’s Light to build the first completely accessible playground in Denver. Please help us spread awareness and watch for more details on how you can become involved. To view the recent feature on CBS Denver, Click Here. From the LuBird’s Foundation website: “There are over 74,000 kids with disabilities in Colorado and most playgrounds

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Lu Birds Light Foundation

Giving Solace: LuBird’s Light Foundation

Solace Pediatric Home Healthcare and the Giving Solace Fund are proud to support LuBird’s Light Foundation! LuBird’s Light Foundation was founded to build magical, inclusive playgrounds for children of all needs and to support children with rare disabilities such as PKS. With your support, LuBird’s Light Foundation will build extraordinary, one of a kind inclusive playgrounds for children and families

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