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Selah'as Progress with Speech Therapy: Solace Celebration

Solace Celebrations: Selah’s Progress in Speech Therapy

July 27, 2020

Every other week we publish a celebration post featuring the achievements our kids are making! We love being able to celebrate each of them: The hard work they put in, and the steps they are making toward their goals. This week, we’re celebrating Selah and her progress with her speech language therapist.

Selah's progress wit Speech Therapy via Telehealth

Selah Incredible Progress in Her Speech Therapy

Selah is a 4-year-old who has been receiving skilled speech and language services for a few months. Selah is non-verbal, and has a 8P inverted duplication/deletion syndrome, which is a rare chromosomal anomaly. When her therapist first met Selah at the end of 2019, she was not verbalizing. She made steady progress during in-home sessions; however, she has made significant progress during telemedicine sessions. Selah has verbalized over 20 words and signs throughout our sessions. We have been working on family members (her therapist was signing “dad” in this picture). During this session, her mother stated that Selah has been walking up to a picture of her dad and saying “daddy.” She also stated Selah has begun playing “peek-a-boo” with her youngest sister. Both parents have expressed such gratitude regarding Selah’s progress thus far! We are so proud of Selah and the process she’s made!

What is Speech Therapy?

There are many different ways a speech language pathologist (SLP) can help your child with their speech and language. Pediatric SLP’s are specialists in early intervention and working with developmental delays in young children. They are also experts in developing skills needed to effectively communicate or for swallowing and feeding. They assist with a wide variety of disorders, such as Phonological Disorder, Auditory Processing Disorder, neurological disorders, fluency disorders, and more. Early intervention is key with speech therapy: Working with an SLP who can provide comprehensive therapy can make a big difference down the road.

Telehealth Speech Therapy and How it Works

In home speech Teletherapy is an extremely beneficial way to work with a speech therapist. Here at Solace Pediatric Home Healthcare, we believe in-home therapy plays a huge role in making the best progress. Teletherapy sessions allow families all across Colorado to benefit from in-home speech therapy sessions. It removes the barriers of weather, compromised immunities, illness, remote locations, and challenging family schedules. Additionally, it allows for parents to be even more involved in their children’s therapy, which can result in more effective sessions.

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