Solace Celebrations: Oliver’s Improvement in his Physical and Speech Therapy

Twice a month, we are taking time to highlight the triumphs our fantastic kids are realizing in their sessions! Last time, we got to see how Arielle  has been growing with the help of speech therapy and this week we want to introduce you to Oliver who has been making stunning progress with the help of physical and speech therapy.

Oliver’s most successful session to date!

Oliver is minimally verbal and we have been working months on “yes/no” questions and body part identification. His mom was able to be present this session and was able to witness and share in this experience with him. Daniel (Oliver’s PT) was working a lot on movement, while the speech therapist was targeting receptive language through direction following. Daniel wanted to be certain that Oliver was truly understanding each body part and not just imitating him. At the end, Daniel tests this by asking him to touch his nose (while Daniel touches his elbow). Oliver took a moment to think about what was being asked and, despite Daniel sending a curveball his way, Oliver was able to follow directions!

How speech therapy and physical therapy can work together to better help understanding

This session with Oliver is a perfect example of how both speech therapy and physical therapy can work harmoniously together to help develop a deeper understanding of exercises to acquire new skills. The speech therapy aspect gives names to actions while the physical aspect can help cement concepts that coincide with various vocabulary. At Solace, we try and we offer the opportunity to use various types of therapy together in a way that will be optimal for how the child learns so that they can grow and learn in the best way for them.

The strengths of in-home therapy 

Solace is committed to providing the highest quality in-home pediatric therapy to the kids we work with and we do that by working with them in the environment that has them feel the most confident and comfortable. This is why Solace focuses on in-home therapy so that all the child has to worry about is learning from the lessons without the stress of unfamiliar locations and people they have yet to meet. Because of this philosophy, there is a deeper sense of trust and familiarity that lets the child grow and flourish.