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Jayla's Physical and Occupational Theray - Solace Celebrations

Solace Celebrations: Jayla’s Physical and Occupational Therapy

July 14, 2020

A couple of weeks ago, we took the time to celebrate the accomplishments of Supreme who has made fantastic progress with his ankle-foot Orthosis! This week, we want to put the spotlight on Jayla who has been making incredible strides with pediatric occupational therapy and physical therapy through telemedicine.

Jayla counting with her therapists Jayla’s Advancements with Physical and Occupational Therapy

This week’s celebration post is for Jayla! Jayla has been crushing her physical and occupational therapy goals at home with her occupational therapist via live Telehealth sessions! She has been able to make great progress in two months with increased focus and concentration on treatment tasks. Jayla can be seen here showing off her muscles with her physical therapist Patric! She has been working hard on building her strength in order to complete transfers from the floor without the help of her arms or nearby furniture. In addition to this, Jayla is able to now count quarters up to $2 with independence as well as make change for math problems with $1 $5 and $10 dollar bills. She continues to improve her typing skills and is now typing 8 words per minute on average with 95% accuracy. Jayla’s mom has been an essential component in her success on this platform! Way to go, Jayla, we are so proud of you!

Teletherapy with occupational and physical therapy

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy gives children the skills and confidence to grow into thriving, functional adults later on in life. The goals focused on through occupational therapy can cover everything from helping the child with obstacles in daily living to working through any impairments and delays in social or developmental stages. Our kind, compassionate occupational therapists are highly trained and work with the child as well as their families and doctors to create individualized care goals to cater to each child’s own unique needs.

How Telemedicine Keeps Progress Moving in Occupational Therapy

Here at Solace, our pediatric teletherapy occupational therapy lets children continue to progress and meet their specific goals without having to come all the way to our clinics. For many children, home is an environment where they feel most comfortable and because of that, they can be more receptive to learning new skills and exercises. Beyond this, just as with Jayla’s case, teletherapy also lets the parents participate in the sessions on a whole other level to a traditional clinic setting. This allows for the parents to provide valuable insight to help the clinicians be at their most effective and as well as act as a cheerleader for their kids during sessions.

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