Solace Celebrations: Josh - a Star with His Physical Therapy

Solace Celebration: Josh, a Star with His Physical Therapy Goals

Twice a month, we are taking time to spotlight the progress and victories our amazing kids are accomplishing! Last time, we got to see how Selah has been flourishing with the help of speech language therapy, and this week we want to introduce you to Joshua who has been a star with his physical therapy goals!

Joshua’s Fantastic Accomplishments in Physical Therapy

Joshua is a 14-year-old boy with Autism Spectrum Disorder. He receives pediatric physical therapy services in order to work on his overall strength, balance, and coordination. Joshua has made great progress with his single leg balance in addition to global strengthening exercises! He is able to balance on one foot for up to 10 seconds, he can do 20 jumping jacks, 20+ sit-ups with his feet under the couch, plank hold for 20 seconds (with assist for form), ski jumps and is even able to participate in reciprocal ball toss now! Great work Joshua!

How Physical Therapy Helps with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Though some may not see how physical therapy connects with Autism, there is actually a multitude of benefits and necessities addressed with physical therapy for children who have been diagnosed with ASD. Physical therapy helps to address any type of delays or difficulties with gross motor skills as well as coordination and posture which can sometimes be a challenge for children with ASD. By working on these vital areas, it not only allows children to participate in sports and other physical activities with their peers but also gives them further confidence in all areas.

How Teletherapy is Helping Physical Therapy Progress to Continue

At Solace, we prioritize the health and safety of the amazing families we work with as well as our clinicians, but we also want to make sure that even during times when face-to-face contact may not be possible, that our kids are able to not only maintain the progress that they have made but continue to thrive and progress even further. With our pediatric physical teletherapy services, our skilled clinicians are able to continue working with the kids in personalized sessions.  Even though the format is a little different, teletherapy helps to keep some consistency by maintaining contact between your child and their practitioner, making sure that your child’s goals are being met, in the place they are most comfortable, no matter what is going on in the outside world.